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‘All Of The Mistakes She Has Made Come With Her’ — Dave Ramsey Gets Real When Advising Man On Whether To Pay Off Fiance’s Debt

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March 01, 2024

Getting married results in a union that stretches beyond a romantic partnership. It typically means the commingling of finances, and when that happens there’s always room for gray areas — and that’s exactly what Dave Ramsey heard about when chatting with Chaz, a soon-to-be-married man from Orlando, Florida.

Chaz, a 24-year-old with zero debt and a nest egg in the bank, explained his predicament to Ramsey.

“My fiance has some debt, and once we get married do you recommend that I use up most of my nest egg to pay off her debt?” he asked. “Or should we keep that nest egg in the bank and keep pursuing paying off that debt now that we have both incomes?”

This is a common question and concern for anyone with plans to get married. Once the knot is tied, the lines between “mine” and “yours” become blurry, at best.

Chaz went on to explain that he has roughly $34,000 in the bank while his fiancee has just north of $17,000 in debt.

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When Chaz explained that he had enough money to wipe the debt clear but also liked the idea of keeping the money in the bank, Ramsey jumped in.

“No, you do,” he said. “All of the mistakes you have made come with you; all of the mistakes she has made come with her — and then the preacher will say, ‘now you are one … mistake.'”

Ramsey ended the call by providing clear advice.

“When you get home from the honeymoon, write a check to pay off her student loan. Period, no question about it.”

Even with the government forgiving student loans for millions of borrowers, there are many more saddled with this debt and looking for a way to manage it as they move forward after graduation — and that often means getting married.

In the United States, there is $1.75 trillion in student loan debt, including both federal and private loans. That breaks down to $28,950 owed per borrower on average.

With numbers like those, it’s natural for one or both people entering a marriage to carry some amount of student loan debt.

Anyone in this situation should discuss their debt and plans for paying it off with their soon-to-be spouse. Doing so early in the relationship goes a long way in avoiding financial trouble and associated arguments in the future.

Consulting a financial adviser before marriage is one of the best steps to take. An adviser can review both individuals’ finances, answer questions and help personalize a strategy for paying down debt after getting married.

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*This information is not financial advice, and personalized guidance from a financial adviser is recommended for making well-informed decisions.

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