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Arab countries boycotting Indian products after Islamophobic remarks of BJP

In India
June 06, 2022
Arab countries boycotting Indian products after Islamophobic remarks of BJP

Arab countries have called for an online campaign against the Indian products due to their disrespect of the Prophet Mohammed.

A spokesperson for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a statement last week and this led to people in the Indian state of West Bengal attacking each other over religion. Outrage spread internationally, with protesters demanding the arrest of this official and suggesting that Modi was not doing enough.

Saudi Arabia condemned the statement. The remark was made by a BJP spokesperson in a television debate last week. In a statement, Riyadh said the spokesperson’s comments are insulting, and people should be respectful of other religions.

Qatar demanded an apology from India after its Vice President talked about Islamophobia in his speech. India’s ambassador in Doha was told to go to the foreign ministry for a very important meeting.

A representation from Qatar, the country of which Qatar is a part. It handed an official protest letter to India. The letter called for comment and condemnation on remarks that were deemed “objectionable” by Qatar’s government.

The UN human rights panel believes that allowing Islamophobic remarks to go unpunished encourages violence and hate, it said.

Earlier Sunday, Kuwait condemned the comments made against Islam in India and called for a boycott of Indian goods. The OIC calls this “intensifying hate and abuse towards Islam.”


The BJP has suspended Nupur Sharma after she expressed views opposed to those of the BJP. Modi’s party said it respects all religions

As a reaction to criticism, India released a statement saying that “strong action” has been taken against those who have made derogatory statements.


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