Armed Forces of Ukraine have almost completely destroyed Russian army “elit…

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Ukrainian defenders have destroyed the “elite” units of the Western Military District of the Russian Federation, and the only survivors are soldiers who have refused to attack Ukraine.

Source: interception of a Russian occupier’s telephone conversation posted by the Security Service of Ukraine

During the phone call, the occupier tells his wife about the Russian Federation’s losses. His unit is located in Kharkiv Oblast.

Direct quote from the occupier: “There’s no Western District any more, because they’re all in Russia – conscientious objectors. There are just some ‘Easterners’ wandering past me, because there are almost no ‘Westerners’ left. All the equipment is broken – either the turret isn’t working, or something else isn’t working… Or the wheels are broken, or it’s something else… And the only ones who go to the front are the volunteers.”

Details: The Western Military District of the Russian Federation includes Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It is said to include a “military elite” trained to counter NATO forces, but many officers have been killed, drivers are in short supply, and huge infantry forces are being used as “cannon fodder”.