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Be ready for the Powerful Islamabad March Imran Khan instructs workers

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ISLAMABAD: Chairman PTI Imran Khan has directed the workers to prepare for the Islamabad March.

According to details, Imran Khan was holding a press conference in Islamabad for the first time after the fall of the government. He said that the workers should prepare for the Islamabad march for real independence in Pakistan. The 27th of Ramadan will be celebrated as Shab e Dua. Maulana Tariq Jamil will offer the dua on the night of the 27th of Ramadan.


Imran Khan important press conference in Bani Gala

Islamabad March

Imran Khan demanded from the Supreme Court to hold an open hearing on the issue of conspiracy. This is a major incident against the independence of the country. Regarding the letter, he said that the Supreme Court should now do what it should have done then. The court should have investigated it, he said, adding that he now wanted an open hearing on the conspiracy in the Supreme Court.

Chairman PTI said that this is a major incident against the independence of the country, this incident has also been acknowledged by this government, if not investigated then no Prime Minister will be able to stand in front of threats, Supreme Court investigation If you do, you will know who is involved.


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Imran Khan said that the embassies called people who were not happy with the PTI. The game was started, this is the biggest threat to our democracy, and the future of our country’s children is in danger.

In a press conference, Imran Khan also demanded the resignation of the Election Commission, saying that the ECP should resign, the largest party is saying that the chairman does not trust the Election Commission, the Chief Election Commissioner decides on the likes and dislikes. He cannot become an umpire. If no action is taken against him, the door of buying selling will open.

Chairman PTI said that the Prime Minister of the country has been threatened, the truth always comes to the fore, the National Security Committee acknowledged that the message is true The next day, a no-confidence motion was filed. After the meeting, allies and dissidents began making statements.

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