Belarus has stationed wooden dummy tanks on the border with Ukraine

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Units of the Belarusian Armed Forces are deploying dummy tanks made of wood in areas near the border with Ukraine to demonstrate their presence.

Source: Oleksandr Motuzianyk, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Quote from Motuzianyk: “In order to carry out operational camouflage measures and demonstrate their presence, units of the Belarusian Armed Forces are deploying wooden dummy tanks in the areas bordering Ukraine.”

Details: According to Motuzianyk, the combat readiness of the Belarusian Armed Forces is being verified until at least 25 June.

In addition, there is a threat of missile and air strikes on Ukraine from the territory of Belarus.

Motuzianyk added that up to seven Belarusian battalions continue to carry out tasks to strengthen the Ukrainian-Belarusian border in Brest and Gomel oblasts [Belarus].

Their main efforts are focused on conducting reconnaissance, engineering their positions and protecting the state border. Conscripts are involved in these duties.