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Bills QB Josh Allen cites Buster Posey as reason he always signs autographs

Former Giants catcher Buster Posey taught a young Josh Allen a valuable lesson about being a professional athlete.

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How Posey inspired Bills QB Allen to always sign autographs originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

California native and Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen grew up rooting for the Giants, so it’s no surprise the 26-year-old looked up to catcher Buster Posey when he was a child.

But aside from providing Allen with some must-watch baseball, the three-time World Series champion also taught him a lesson that extends beyond the field.

Allen is known to sign autographs for fans as often as he can, and NBC Sports writer Peter King revealed why the Bills signal-caller makes it a point to do so in this week’s “Football Morning in America” column.

“I remember being that kid,” Allen told King before diving into a heartwarming anecdote about one of his favorite baseball players.

“There’s a really cool story,” he continued. “I don’t know if he minds me telling this story, but I was a big Giants fan — Giants, 49ers, Warriors. I went to a Giants game. I got a Buster Posey ball.

“He came by, he signed for me. I was so excited. I went to grab the ball and my finger swiped across the name, so it had like streak marks in it. You could barely make it out. But I still put it up in my room.”

Considering Allen’s previous tale of being snubbed of an autograph by an unnamed Giants player, the gesture from Posey had to be exciting for him at the time. And despite the smudge, it’s clear the memory is one he’ll never forget.

But that’s not where the story ends, as fate would reunite the two athletes years down the road.

“Much later, I ended up going to my agency in Nashville, [Creative Arts Agency], and I actually talked to his agent and I told him that story,” Allen told King. “A week later, I’ve got a bat signed by Buster Posey.

“So, Buster, thank you, big fan obviously. That was pretty cool.”

As Allen noted, he was a huge Bay Area sports fan growing up in Firebaugh, Calif. He told King he also had footballs signed by both Jerry Rice and Steve Young, and after he played alongside Frank Gore in Buffalo back in 2019, the former 49ers running back gifted him a signed, game-worn jersey.

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But Posey’s autograph, Allen told King, was the “biggest.”

In true Posey fashion, the Giants legend ensured Allen eventually got a blemish-free autograph. That generous attitude is one that Allen has tried to emulate throughout his own career, much to Bills fans’ delight.

“Again, I remember being that kid, wanting the autographs, looking up to guys in my position,” Allen said. “It’s the least I can do to wave, high-five, fist-bump, maybe sign a little something here and there. I can’t sign everybody’s, but I try to.”

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