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Boycott Fedex is trending on Twitter, 2 Employees fired

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Since Wednesday as of now, Boycott FedEx #BoycottFedex is trending on Twitter, we will let you know the insight story.

It all started in Leesburg, Georgia a person name Antonio has tweeted a video that is blowing up the internet. Yesterday in Leesburg, Georgia two FedEx employees were confronted by an unpleasant homeowner after dropping off a package.

Antonio and Felinzay had to deliver the package to the owner, the owner was in the house at the time. after delivering the package the employees were leaving the house but suddenly the owner stopped them and cursing and threatening them. According to the employees of FedEx, the owner was a racist he was saying to us that “I will whoop your black asses and suddenly he told his wife to call the cops”.

This all incident was recorded by the FedEx employees, Later for doing their job These two FedEx employees were fired. According to the employees we faced racism every day on that route in Leesburg and he is not sure that what police did either took the action or what, but this person is the first one he saw in Leesburg who threatened them.

Later according to Antonio FedEx called them and told them to delete the video which they recorded against the house owner, they refused to delete the video, FedEx has fired the employees. in Solidarity, with the employees, people are tweeting and trending Boycott FedEx on Twitter with the hashtag #BoycottFedEx

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Boycott FedEx Tweets by users


Boycott FedEx trends by the users #BoycottFedEx





We will update you as soon as we have more details. if you have faced this kind of behavior with FedEx or any other company then do let us know we will publish it. Let me have your say here with hashtag #BoycottFedEx.

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