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British tourist slammed after he was bitten by snake on Fraser Island

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A British tourist has been slammed as careless after he was bitten by what is believed to be the highly-venomous brown snake while walking without shoes through long grass,

Ben and his partner were holidaying on Faser Island/K’Gari, in Queensland, and had hired a car to do some off-road driving.

He revealed the holiday was off to a good start before it spiralled into a life-threatening nightmare after the first night. 

A British tourist was rushed to hospital in an air ambulance after being bitten by a snake

A British tourist was rushed to hospital in an air ambulance after being bitten by a snake 

He has been slammed as careless after he was bitten by a snake while walking without shoes through long grass

He has been slammed as careless after he was bitten by a snake while walking without shoes through long grass

‘Right, so I just got bitten by a venomous snake in Australia. Quick story time for you,’ he said in a TikTok video.

The couple were travelling along a beach in their pink 4WD when they decided to camp along the coast overnight.

‘We managed to share the camp with a couple of dingoes and a few crabs,’ Ben said. 


The pair awoke early the next morning to watch the sunrise when Ben used his drone to capture footage of the surrounding landscape.

He crashed the remote controlled device into a tree growing at the top of a sand dune that was covered in long grass.

Ben was collecting his drone from a sand dune when he was bitten by the snake

Ben was collecting his drone from a sand dune when he was bitten by the snake

‘I had to walk back down through this patch of grass and I stepped on something dark and I felt something hit my ankle,’ he said.


Ben held his right foot to the camera revealing two puncture wounds to his ankle, believed to be from a brown snake.

‘I got back to the truck, saw the fang marks and then it sort of sunk in what had happened. We had no signal,’ he said.

He bandaged his leg and was rushed down the beach by a passing tourist when he was finally able to get phone reception.


A helicopter is seen in the video moments later swooping in and picking up the injured tourist.

It is believed the man stepped on a highly-venomous eastern brown snake

It is believed the man stepped on a highly-venomous eastern brown snake

Ben and his partner were holidaying on Fraser Island/K'Gari, in Queensland, and hired a car to do some off-road driving

Ben and his partner were holidaying on Fraser Island/K’Gari, in Queensland, and hired a car to do some off-road driving

‘Not too bad though, I got a free helicopter sight-seeing tour of Fraser Island,’ Ben said.

Ben is then seen lying in a hospital bed and hooked up to monitoring machines, with the recovering expat appearing to still be in high spirits.


It is believed Ben suffered from a dry bite, when the snake strikes but no venom is released. 

Dry bites are painful and may cause swelling and redness around the area of the snake bite. 

Once medically assessed, there is usually no need for further treatment, such as with antivenoms. 


‘Currently waiting for blood work and yeah, welcome to f***ing Australia,’ he said. 

Social media users called out the tourist for walking through the long grass.

Ben was rushed to hospital in an air ambulance following the snake bite

Ben was rushed to hospital in an air ambulance following the snake bite 

‘From an Aussie: don’t walk in the bushes,’ one wrote.


‘Bare foot in the towns, boots in the scrub,’ another added. 

‘This could have easily been avoided,’ another added. Y’ou made it to hospital so was probably a warning bite with no venom.’

Others took issue with the part of the video when Ben bandaged his wounded ankle and then raised it in the car as he was driven by the Good Samaritan.


‘First thing mate never lift your leg if you’re bitten, can rush the poison all over the shop,’ a third social media user wrote. 

Many Aussies also speculated what kind of snake it was.

‘Most likely a brown,’ one said. ‘We were the camp next to him, same night there was a 2.5m brown in the bathroom.’


Another added: ‘Either dugite or brown considering it was at the beach.’


  • Fast moving, very aggressive and famously bad tempered 
  • Along with other brown snakes the eastern brown is responsible for more deaths every year in Australia than any other group of snakes
  • Their venom is ranked as the second most toxic of any land snake in the world behind another Australian snake, the inland taipan
  • They thrive in populated areas with lots of their main prey mice, making farms and urban centres ideal habitats 
  • If cornered or confronted the eastern brown raises its body, forms an ‘S’ shape and strikes, as demonstrated in the video above
  •  Its venom causes paralysis and stops the blood from clotting causing its victim to bleed to death
  • May take many doses of antivenom to reverse its effects and victims may collapse within a few minutes



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