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Buffalo Police Officers Charged After Assaulting 75 Years Old Protestor

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2 Buffalo Police Officers were charged on Saturday after they assaulted 75 years old protestor.

Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski surrendered Saturday morning pleaded not guilty to assault, they were released later on without bail, they were charged with a second-degree assault Hearing in court on July 20.

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Officers Arrested

 Officers Robert 39 Torgalski 32 and Aaron both were suspended without pay an investigation has been launched.

buffalo police 75 years old protestor


The incident happen in Buffalo (New York) two days ago where a man name Martin Gugino 75 years old protestor was assaulted by two police officers later he was hospitalized with a head injury, the incident was captured live on video, Martin Gugino was bleeding after he falls on the ground.

buffalo police 75 years old protestor
In image, a man fall on the ground
Buffalo police
A man was assaulted by police


Buffalo police
Man was bleeding

Governor Andrew Cuomo said the video made him “sick to my stomach”. District Attorney John Flynn said the officers “crossed a line.” he told this in a news conference on Saturday.

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