captain bilal khalil pakistan

Captain Bilal Khalil, you & other soldiers have made Pakistan proud

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Pakistan: As you, all know that Pakistan has thwarted the multiple attacks yesterday in Balochistan, just because of soldiers like Captain Bilal Khalil Shaheed and others who have given their lives to save us from the terrorists.


List of FC Martyrs

Captain Bilal Khalil Shaheed:


captain bilal khalil pakistan

At the time of writing this article, I couldn’t able to control my tears. We have lost 12 soldiers yesterday including Bilal. He was a doctor and a soldier, who fought hard till the last breath just because of him and other soldiers, the mission of terrorists were failed. He was a military doctor who embraced martyrdom while fighting against terrorists in the Balochistan Noshki FC camp. I don’t have words to explain the bravery of Khalil and other soldiers but what we can do is to pray for the departed souls. Nation will never forget the martyrs, and just because of them, we sleep peacefully.


What do people say about Bilal & others soldiers?




Namaz e Janaza has been offered, the last sight of Captain Khalil Shaheed.

Captain Bilal Khalil



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