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Coronation Street spoilers next week as two suffer fall, one in shock accident and character returns with boyfriend

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June 08, 2024

The accidents seem to be never-ending next week in Coronation Street as a trio of characters face their own recoveries. For Ken Barlow, it starts at Stu Carpenter’s birthday drinks.

Bobby Crawford apologises to him for getting Daniel Osbourne into trouble over his false statement about missing Lauren Bolton but as he does, Bobby notices Ken is unsteady on his feet and not feeling too well, Ken heads home.

Concerned, Bobby knocks on Ken’s door but when there’s no reply, he peers through the letterbox and is shocked to see Ken lying at the bottom of the stairs. Bobby calls an ambulance before returning home to collect his things.

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Later, Daniel and Steve McDonald visit Ken in the hospital and Ken is dismayed to discover he will need round-the-clock care while he recovers. Steve assures him that the family will pull together and make sure he receives the care he needs to keep him safe in his own home and Ken forces a smile.

Meanwhile, Paul Foreman and Billy Mayhew attend an appointment with the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) nurse who tells them that as his weakened neck muscles get worse he won’t be able to use his stair lift.

Over at the flower shop flat, the Eyegaze specialist teaches Paul how to use his new equipment. Summer Spelman also returns from America and reveals that she’s got a new boyfriend, Felix, and he’s waiting to meet them in the Rovers. But as Billy and Paul are about to leave the flat, Paul falls down the stairs. As Paul recovers, Todd Grimshaw turns up and Summer arrives with Felix. How will the meeting go?

Summer's back and brings her new boyfriend -Credit:ITV

Summer’s back and brings her new boyfriend -Credit:ITV

Elsewhere, Toyah Battersby is left horrified at the start of the week when at the Bistro she gets a delivery of yellow roses. Explaining the significance, which viewers previously discovered was the flower she’d take to where she buried her stillborn baby girl a number of years ago, she tells Nick it had to be Rowan who reported her to the police.

A furious Toyah then confronts her sister Leanne Battersby with the roses and shows her the card and Leanne admits she did tell Rowan her secret. Soon, Nick returns home and spells out to Leanne that either she cuts all ties with Rowan and the Institute or they’re finished.

Later, when Leanne returns home, a guilty Nick quizzes her about Rowan, angry Leanne assures him she would never cheat on him. Nick and Toyah agree their kiss was a mistake. Rowan, meanwhile, calls at the Bistro on his motorbike and handing a spare helmet to Leanne, tells her he’s got a surprise for her.

Nick quizzes Leanne over Rowan -Credit:ITV

Nick quizzes Leanne over Rowan -Credit:ITV

Leanne follows him out leaving Nick and Toyah to cope with the lunchtime rush on their own, leaving Nick fuming whilst Toyah is incredulous. At a hotel restaurant, Rowan introduces Leanne to Willow the CEO of the institute over video call. He then tells a flattered Leanne she will soon be able to recruit new members herself.

Back on the street, as Toyah sets off for her Institute court case, she receives a call which shocks her. An ashen-faced Toyah hurries into A&E and tells the nurse on the desk that she had a call to inform her that her sister, Leanne, has been involved in a motorbike accident. The police also later inform Toyah that they can now release her baby for burial, leaving her stunned.

Also, after spending the night together, Glenda Shuttleworth ushers Michael Bailey out of the back door of the pub. Dee Dee Bailey, meanwhile, tells George Shuttleworth a mediator would save them both money and so when Mary Taylor repeats the advice to Glenda, Debbie Webster offers to do it. Later, Glenda bumps into Michael in the ginnel and kissing him on the lips, takes him by the hand and leads him into the Rovers.

Meanwhile, when Glenda later reveals that RestEasy are keen to buy Shuttleworths, George is apoplectic. Michael then calls at the Rovers to find George rowing with Glenda. Michael steps in and announces that he and Glenda are now an item and he should show her more respect. Glenda parks herself next to a nervous Michael and pulling him in for a kiss, assures him she feels the same way leaving Michael thrilled.

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