Different Ways Streaming Technology is Changing Gaming

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Over the last ten years, streaming has rocked the world, completely changing how people consume music, watch movies, and entertain themselves. Technology has even given rise to a whole new form of entertainment – podcasting. As is usually the case, the gaming industry has also jumped on the streaming wagon, acquiring some changes along the way. Here is a look at the Different Ways Streaming Technology is Changing Gaming.


The Development of Live Gaming

One impressive way streaming has revolutionized the gaming industry is through the introduction of live casino gaming. Today, an online casino South Africa can use streaming technology to create a more realistic and immersive gaming environment for players through live dealers or live casino games. Essentially, they broadcast a live dealer onto a player’s device – phone, PC, tablet, etc. – and the player can interact with the dealer in real-time as they would in a land-based casino. The dealer spins the roulette wheel, deals with the cards, and offers all the services you would get in Las Vegas.


The Advent of Professional Gaming

When esports was introduced to online casinos several years ago, no one even dared dream of the prospect of professional gaming. That the esports players and teams you wager on in Betway actually make money from playing video games seems ridiculous, but it is today’s reality. A lot of this is thanks to streaming, which formed the basis for commercializing and monetizing gaming.

Esports today function much like traditional sports like basketball and football. Rather than watch games on TV, you can watch esports tournaments through streaming services like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming. In fact, these competitions draw viewers in the millions.

Thanks to streaming and how it has made professional gaming more mainstream, esports competitions also attract advertising partnerships and sponsorships. These investments then yield global events such as the popular Dota 2 tournament, The International. Every year, 90 players go up against each other for a share of the sizable pot with over $40 million. 

Streaming is also a direct source of livelihood for individual video game players. By providing a way to share gaming content, this technology enables said players to grow a following. They can then monetize this by partnering with brands, selling merchandise, and advertising on their platforms. This financial appeal is raising the profile of gaming as more than a fun pastime. It is now a viable career path.


Cloud Gaming and Increased Accessibility

Perhaps the most significant impact streaming technology has had on gaming is increasing game accessibility. In conjunction with cloud gaming, streaming services like Google Stadia eliminate the need for powerful gaming PCs or consoles. Players can pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to stream their favorite titles and play them on any device. This is because the games and gaming software are stored on the cloud, not your local device. Even better, this means you can play AAA titles like Red Dead Redemption on older or small devices. No need for expensive consoles.



The Different Ways Streaming Technology is Changing Gaming show how impactful it can be and that there is potential for more growth. Streaming technology is why providers like Betway now offer live casino gaming and esports betting. It will be exciting to see how it continues to affect the industry.

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