Dubas, Spezza celebrating Maple Leafs’ Game 3 win was awesome

Kyle Dubas trusted his core while Jason Spezza may be the most well-liked front office member in the Maple Leafs organization. Watching them celebrate the Game 3 win vs. the Lightning was a moment.

Video Transcript

The best part about this game aside from the win, for sure, was the focus on Dubas and Spezza. Like there are two great moments when O’Reilly tied the game and when O’Reilly got the eventual winner where the camera was able to go up and we caught Dubas and Spezza’s reaction. It was wicked.

You can literally see the moment where the passion hits Dubas and then he passes it off to Spezza and they both celebrate, like yeah, it’s a tie game. And then afterwards when they got the eventual winner, like Spezza stood up and was like, yeah. Like man, I’m so happy that Spezza is still with the team. Like yeah, he’s not playing on the ice, but like I’m so happy that he’s just around the team and is able to rejoice in these moments as if he actually was on the ice with everyone.

And then Dubas, man. Like Dubas cares, man. And I know a lot of people will say like, oh, it’s just because like his job’s on the line or whatever. But I think he genuinely liked Harris. Because again, after every single elimination he said the same thing.

He believes in this core. He believes in this team. And this year he went for it. He made those big trades. He made those huge acquisitions. And he’s watching his main acquisition, his top get this year having big moves and big moments for the team in the playoffs when the games matter.

So I understand Leafs fans like going off about it and loving it. I loved it too. It was awesome. And honestly, I hope those moments continue because like with every playoff win I think of Spezza and what he tried to do for the team in the seasons that he was there.

They’re working towards something special, man. And for Spezza’s sake and obviously for all our sake, I hope they keep it going. Not just from the fact that it’d be awesome, but all the post goal celebrations have been pretty awesome to watch.

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