VPN LAB domain has been seized

European Police & FBI seized VPN LAB & computer servers used by hackers

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) & the police from European countries have seized the 15 computer servers of VPN service known as VPN LAB in a joint operation that was taken place this week, says the law enforcement agencies. As per LE Agencies, the computer servers were used in “International Major CyberAttacks”.


I wrote the story in Times of India a few months back on “Some Dangerous Ransomware Attacks & How We Can Predict & Prevent It”

VPN Lab servers seized:

The European Union’s law enforcement agency, Europol has said “After seizing the servers, we have identified that more than 100 businesses that were about to be hacked or were at the risk of being hacked by hackers. According to the police, The hackers used to cover their tracks with a VPN, the crackdown targeted a famous VPN service VPNLab.net, Hackers were hiding their identities via that service while breaching numerous companies, and then they extort them.

European Police & FBI seized VPN service & computer servers used by hackers VPN LAB domain has been seized
VPN LAB domain has been seized

The domain of the VPN service has been seized by Law Enforcement Agencies on 17  January 2022. As per the LE Agency “We have gained access to the vpnlab.net servers and seized the customer data stored within, our investigation is going on”.

Law Enforcement Agencies are doing fantabulous work against the cybercriminals, and as I always say “Never pay ransom to hackers, you are just making them strong” contact the Law Enforcement if you’re a victim of hackers, and don’t forget to read my piece on “How to protect from Ransomware”.


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