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Everyday Gadgets You Should Always Have in Your Bag

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June 06, 2022
Everyday Gadgets You Should Always Have in Your Bag

Everyday Gadgets You Should Always Have in Your Bag

Most people carry a bag of some sort when commuting. Since everyone is different, the items they carry with them every day vary a lot. That said, there are some things you should always have in your bag that can make your commute or workday a lot better and easier. Here is the best of them.


A Tablet

If you carry a laptop, you might not see the need to carry a tablet with you. However, a laptop is too big to use on a commute and a phone is too small to do anything productive with under such conditions. A tablet is a great middle ground.

In addition to productivity, a tablet can also give you something to do on your commute. For example, you can watch the latest news bulletins on a bigger screen (compared to a smartphone) or play some mobile games you have been wanting to play.

In any case, how you decide to use a tablet on a commute is up to you, but it is something you should consider adding to your everyday carry bag.


A Portable Hard Drive

Some people love to look over some documents while having coffee before going into a meeting. A portable SSD helps you carry all your documents safely and securely, especially models that come with additional security like fingerprint sensors.

Having such an SSD with you also means that you do not always have to carry a high-end laptop with a lot of storage. Additionally, it makes it easier to share files with others and makes presentations easier as you always know where all your files are stored.




Whether you commute every morning and evening, need some music while you work, or need to keep distractions out, a pair of headphones is a great addition to your everyday bag. There are lots of options to choose from here depending on your preferences.

For example, many people love the sound stage of open-back headphones while some love the thumping bass of closed-back headphones. Gaming headphones that are not too flashy are also great because of their sound reproduction.

There are always great deals on headphones and headsets via websites like Lenovo.com where you can get massive discounts on the ones you choose.


Wireless Mouse

Many people are not comfortable using their laptops’ trackpads. If this sounds like you, do consider getting a wireless mouse for your laptop.

These mice have long battery lives, are easy to charge, and often weigh about 100 grams so they do not add much to the overall weight of your bag. Many of them also come with silent buttons to ensure you do not disturb those around you when using them.

A wireless mouse comes in handy for those who want to check on a few documents before getting into the office or those who love working out of a café on days when they do not have to come in.

While this list makes it seem like you have to add a lot of items to your everyday bag, that is not the case. All these items occupy little space and are very light and useful whenever you need them.

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