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Facebook APAC Fitness Summit 2020, Joyee Biswas, Jennifer, Emily & More

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December 02, 2020
Facebook APAC Fitness Summit 2020

Facebook APAC Fitness Summit 2020: The first-ever Asia Pacific and China Fitness Summit 2020 is to be held tomorrow, 3rd December 2020 at 12 PM, led by the APAC Facebook Sports Partnership Team.

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Facebook APAC Fitness Summit 2020

Facebook is used by millions of people, whether they are business people, artists, or athletes. It is a platform that helps business people to take their business to new heights. Keeping all this in mind, Facebook organizes conference programs occasionally to share company updates and teaches the audience how you can grow your business and build your audiences, and a similar program is going to be held tomorrow known as “Fitness Summit 2020”.


Building your business for the future of fitness

Here’s the tag line for tomorrow’s summit: Giant social media platform Facebook usually does summits for business and media partners, these summits always bring fruitful results for businesses and media partners as well as users. From Entertainment Partnerships to Sports Partnerships team, they never disappoint their audiences & partners.


Facebook’s product experts, business executives, and fitness influencers at the summit will tell you how you can build your audience on the platform and grow your business. Without building an audience a company or a business can never survive, here come Facebook Experts who will let you know everything to be successful.


Agenda for the Facebook APAC Fitness Summit 2020


  • Welcome address by the boss of sports partnership APAC Mr. Joyee Biswas
  • The evolution of digital fitness with Emily
  • Community building on Facebook featuring Kayla and Tobi
  • Branded content with monetization with Jennifer
  • Using Instagram to tell stories and build communities
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Mythbusting on Facebook
  • 20 Minutes live Q/A Session with the Talented Facebook Sports Partnerships team


Who are the Presenters and the Speakers?’

The speakers and the presenters are the backbones of the summit and these personalities will be seen live tomorrow.


Joyee Biswas:

A well-known name in the sports industry, he was the head of South East Asia at ESPN, has been a well notable person in the field and now since 2018 he is the head of sports partnerships for APAC at Facebook’s Singapore office, All eyes on him and people will learn more from this legend who has years of experience.


Karren Rogers:

To be honest, I got to know about this event from Karren, she is a perfect sports partner manager before she was leading the media partnerships team for Australia and New Zealand.


Isaura Morales Ruiz:

Isaura is a sports partner manager at the Facebook Singapore office


Dolly Lesmana:

He is also a sports strategic partner manager at Facebook for Indonesia


Emily Skye:

The founder of Emily Skye FIT, an online fitness community and program that helps empower over 14 million women worldwide.


Jennifer Bachdim:

Top fitness creator in Indonesia and a trusted brand ambassador for Adidas


Kayla Itsines:

She is an Australian-based fitness trainer


Tobi Pearce:

CEO of Sweat, a global technology company in the health and fitness industry and home to the largest online female fitness community of more than 50 million women globally.



How can you join the Facebook APAC Fitness Summit 2020 and what time will it start?

The summit will start on December 3, 2020, at 12 PM (GMT +8), In India, it will start at 9:30 am, in Pakistan at 9:00 am 12 pm in Singapore, 3 pm in Australia, and 5 pm in New Zealand.

There is a link to join the summit, if you’re well intelligent you can search for it šŸ˜› if you can’t then I am here, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram and Facebook so I can provide the summit direct registration link to the athletes or in the fitness/sports field which I have received from the Facebook team.


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