Facebook Gaming App: Exclusive Review

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The Facebook Gaming App will now be launched worldwide on Monday and will now be number one as people forget Twitch and YouTube.


Facebook Gaming app
Facebook Gaming app

Facebook is a giant social networking site and Facebook is always working hard to give better features to its users. Facebook first introduced the Live feature and now everyone today is using Facebook live to stream games and events. 

Vivek Sharma, Head of Gaming at Facebook, announced on social media: “We are launching the Facebook Gaming App worldwide on Android today, continuing to deepen our commitment to Gamers, Gaming Developers, and Creators everywhere. It was fun to talk to the NYT about the trends in motion – check it out!”

On Monday, Facebook launched the Standalone Gaming app worldwide, which allows users to create and view live streams of games instead of the Amazon-owned Twitch platform. Available on Android devices with a separate version of iOS.

Facebook said it was particularly interested in the new app, with some 700 million users already playing these games or participating in gaming groups on its platform. It has been testing the app in some parts of the world since 2018. The renowned social network said in a statement on LinkedIn and Facebook that the Facebook gaming app is a focused, just gaming experience where you can watch your favorite streamers, instantly. Play games and participate in gaming groups. This Facebook gaming app is a neat app size package. 

My Review of Facebook Gaming App:

I have personally downloaded the Gaming app from the play store I am into gaming myself so I am sure what I am reviewing.

  • App size is less than 55 MB which is a decent size for a gaming app
  • The UI (User Interface) mesmerizing theme is of Facebook Bluish and Purple.
  • Once you log in to the Gaming app, you will see a few options such as language, follow streamers and four tabs Go live, Clips, Follow, Follow Games, and Groups.
  • Facebook will suggest a few top games to follow, once you do you will see future streams of those games in your app such as PUBG.
  • The gaming app provides you many in-app games such as 8 ball pool, Ludo Club, Basketballs, and many more, and of course, you can play with your friends.
  • The streaming is smooth and not lagging.
  • Tournaments.
  • Play with your teammates.

I am satisfied and happy to use the Gaming app and very soon I am super excited to stream and I will stream PUBG and other games very soon. I am looking forward to hearing your responses on my email or Facebook & Instagram.

 You may be interested in this if you are a Facebook gaming creator 



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