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Fullproof security ahead in Karachi for PSL 7

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A strong and comprehensive security plan has been drawn up by the security division in connection with the PSL 7 matches starting tomorrow in Karachi. Expert snipers will also be deployed at various important key installations.

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PSL 7 Security in Karachi:


According to the security plan issued by the DIG Security and Emergency Services Division, a total of 5,650 security personnel will be on duty, including 1,200 commandos from the SSU, 1,700 from the Security Division, 1,500 from the Traffic Police, 500 from the Special Branch and 500 from the Rapid Response Force. K-250 personnel, Sindh Rangers personnel, and other law enforcement personnel will be on duty at the National Stadium, Karachi Airport, routes, practice grounds, parking points, hotels, and various other places.

Command and control buses will be deployed at the National Stadium to monitor law and order around the stadium while aerial surveillance will also be carried out during the movement of teams.


In addition, (S.W.A.T) Special Weapons and Tactics team consisting of state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art commandos, including female Commandos, will be on alert at SSU headquarters to deal with any emergencies.

Keeping in view the convenience of the public, it has been decided to keep all the roads/highways open for traffic except one track of Sirshah Suleiman Road while the spectators will be brought to the stadium from the parking points by shuttle bus service.

To guide the cricket fans, Commando’s in a tracksuit will guide them from the zip parking points to the enclosures. The following parking points have been set up for the cricket fans coming to the National Stadium.


Parking Areas, and Important Guidance for PSL 7 Fans:


  • Hakeem Saeed ground, near Bait ul Mukarram mosque, University road
  • China ground near National Coaching Center, stadium road (only for VIPs)
  • You must bring the National ID card with you
  • Fans should arrive at the stadium ahead of time to avoid waiting in long queues
  • You must show a vaccination certificate before entering the stadium
  • Mask must be worn
  • COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory for people over 12 years of age
  • Any banner/poster/placard that contains discrimination or obscenity based on religion or race is strictly prohibited
  • No firearms, toy guns, explosives, firecrackers, cigarettes, matches, lighters, any sharp objects like knives and metal or wood are allowed inside the stadium



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