Garda checkpoints Ireland: Officers slam motorists as ‘worrying trend’ leads to cars being pulled over

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Gardai have issued a warning over a “worrying” new trend being adopted by drivers.

The new practice was spotted by officers from Co Kilkenny at the Hebron Road roundabout.

Gardai said “multiple motorists” coming from the Casltecomer direction “decided to pass over the centre line into oncoming traffic”.

They shared footage of the incidents as cars can be seen coming perilously close to oncoming traffic.

Officers said that this ended up creating a second lane “way in advance” of the roundabout.

Several drivers were stopped by gardai after carrying out the manoeuver in front of a marked patrol on the hard shoulder.

Gardai at a checkpoint (stock image)

A spokesman Waterford/Kilkenny/Carlow gardai said: “Gardaí from Unit C Kilkenny out and about on Patrol this morning came accross a worrying practice being adopted by motorists intending on taking the Hebron Road exit off the roundabout coming from the Castlecomer direction.

“Multiple drivers decided to pass over the centre line into oncoming traffic, making oncoming traffic give way.

“These drivers in many cases formed a second right lane way in advance of the roundabout but were doing this by encroaching on oncoming traffic.

“Many did this in front of a marked patrol, parked on the hard shoulder. Several drivers were stopped by Gardai.”


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