Grenfell Tower fire tragedy 3rd anniversary is being marked today

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Grenfell Tower fire tragedy’s third anniversary is being marked today, The prime minister Boris Johnson said: “We are working to ensure it will never happen again.”

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Grenfell Tower fire tragedy complete detail


At midnight on 14 June 2017, news came from North Kensington, West London, the United Kingdom that a fire broke out in the 24-story Grenfell Tower block of flats. The building caught the fire and it was burning for several hours. It was started from the kitchen in less than 3 hours the fire caught whole the buildings, the fire spread to all four-sided. 

According to the media reports the fire began from the kitchen of flat 16 on the fourth floor the flat owner Behailu Kebede said “I woke up after smelling the fire and hear the fire alarm.” he further added, “I call the fire brigade at Midnight 0:55 BST and in the next 5 minutes the four fire engines arrived at the location.”

It all happens due to the malfunctioning fridge-freezer which was the freezer of Behailu Kebede, the fire was one of the deadliest fires in the history of the United Kingdom. For 25 hours the Grenfell Tower was burning, the situation was under control the next day on 15 June. approximately 250 London Fire Brigade firefighters and 70 fire engines were involved from stations all across London in efforts to control the fire and rescue residents. The emergency was declared in West London, more than 20 Ambulances and 100 crews were at the spot. Around 60 people were rescued by firefighters.


Grenfell Tower fire tragedy victims


According to the media reports, 72 poor souls died in the tragedy and around 220 people escaped, According to The Guardian “From taxi drivers and teachers to Soldiers and Artists everyone died.”

Pic Credit Mark Rice-Oxley From The Guardian

Mohammed Alhajali, Age 23

Khadija Saye, Age 24

Mary Mendy, Age 52

Anthony Disson, Age 65

Abufars Mohamed Ibrahim, Age 39

Khadija Khalloufi, Age 52

Abdeslam Sebbar, Age 77

Isaac Paulous, Age 5

Sheila Smith, Age 84

Gloria Trevisan Age 27

Marco Gottardi, Age 27

Berkti Haftom, Age 29

Zainab Deen, Age 32

Jeremiah Deen, Age 2

Hamid Kani, Age 61

Nura Jamal, Age 35

Hashim Kedir, Age 44

Yahya Hashim Age 13

Firdwas Hashim, Age 12

Yaqub Hashim, Age 6

Hashim Kedir, Age 44

Ali Yawar Jafari, Age 82

Marjorie Vital, Age 68

Deborah Lamprell, Age 45

Yasin El Wahabi, Age 20

(The victim’s names were provided by The Sun)



Grenfell Tower Fire Tragedy Third Anniversary


Today on 14 June 2020, Due to lock down the third anniversary will be taking place online in commemorations. A virtual service, remembering the 72 people who died, was hosted by the Bishop of Kensington at which video messages by the prime minister and leader of the opposition were played.

Victims are still waiting for justice to be delivered the victims are still in a painful situation and none is arrested. The people on Twitter demanding justice for the victims. See below what the Twitterati’s are saying.






EMEA TRIBUNE paying tribute to the victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire, My prayers are with the victims & their family, hope they get justice. I hope that the government of the UK will arrest those who are involved in this tragedy. 

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