Here’s How You Make The Perfect Charcuterie Board, According To An Expert

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Delp, who left the corporate world to follow her passion for making amazing charcuterie spreads, actually has a very inspirational backstory, particularly if you’re someone who’s thought about opening your own small business! 

She told BuzzFeed, “A little over two years ago, I took a charcuterie board to my daughter’s preschool picnic, and the moms went wild for it! One of the mom’s suggested I start a business, but after coming from such a corporate background I had never even considered owning my own company

She did, however, plant a seed. The next day, I came up with a name, created an IG account, and started making boards for friends. A few months later, the same friend asked if I would cater her book launch party for 100 people, which opened my eyes to expanding my business and gave it visibility. Silverlake Socialite took on a life of its own!”


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