Dr Seemin Jamali Jinnah Hospital
Dr Seemin Jamali Jinnah Hospital

Dr Seemin Jamali: Hospital death toll rises in Karachi

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KARACHI: Executive director Jinnah Hospital Dr. Seemin Jamali has confirmed the alarming report that the number of dead people in hospitals has increased.

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Talking to Media, Dr Seemin Jamali said that the increase in the number of people brought to hospitals could not be due to the closure of public transport.

She said that poor people usually come to public hospitals; they wander from such places to the government hospital where the patient has died.

Jamali said that overall we have very little chance of corona testing, how can men do when a live CT scan can not be done?

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She also said that people have many diseases including cancer in the country. We do not need to be thrilled about the increase in the number of dead people. That’s difficult

Jinnah Hospital Executive Director said that SOPs are already present at the funeral of Congo and Covid, the closest and least number of people should be involved in the burial of corona-infected people; The collection is banned, even those who do not wash the dead should be careful, the dead do not need to be repeatedly touched.


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