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How much do cricketers earn

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September 06, 2022
How much do cricketers earn

Cricket also has a financial side. In this article, we will talk about the structure of cricket contracts and how players are paid. A little tip: you can also earn something from cricket games, but for that, you should be aware of the betting sites you use. Always read the detailed reviews like this one https://bookmaker-ratings.net.za/review/hollywoodbets-south-africa/

The basic structure for paying cricketers is the cricket association. In each country, there is a national cricket council. This council makes contracts with a certain number of players. They are paid an annual salary regardless of whether they stay on the regular team for a year. The remaining players are paid for the number of matches in which they have participated. There are also cricket associations of individual local administrative units. These associations also award contracts to a certain number of players who play for the state team. Below the state teams, there are the state championships themselves. These championships are essentially semi-professional, so there is no specific contract structure at this level. Let us look at how this process works in different countries:



For 2021/22, Cricket Australia awarded 17 contracts to men and 15 to women. The highest-paid cricketer was the captain of the 20/20 and one-day cricket team Aaron Finch. He earned 750,000 Australian dollars (about 540,000 U.S. dollars). For women, this information is a bit more difficult to obtain. However, it is known that a male player on a state contract earns an average of $198,000 per year, while women receive an average of $65,000. Players who have not received contracts are paid money for attending national team games. Currently, the payout is $20,000 for a test match, $15,000 for a day match, and $10,000 for a 20/20 match.



In India, cricket is administered by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). In the last cycle, the council awarded 28 contracts. Under these contracts, players receive salaries ranging from 70 million to 10 million rupees. The highest-paid cricketers are Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Jasprit Burma. Women receive between 1 and 5 million rupees, different bonuses for personal achievements. For example, for a century in a Test match, the player receives an additional 500,000 rupees. Players who play for the States receive 60,000 rupees per year.



England is governed by the English Cricket Board (ECB). Three types of contracts are issued here:


– Contracts for players who play Test matches

– Contracts for players who play 20/20 cricket or one-day matches

– Contracts for promising players, even if they are not yet regular international players 


It should be noted that all contract types can be combined as players can play in multiple formats. The highest-paid player is Jofra Archer. He receives $ 985,000 per year. Players who play only in the County Championship receive from £24,000 per year.


The system also has an interesting aspect. Every cricketer contracted or not, must obtain permission from his country’s cricket association to participate in a foreign league. This certificate is called a No Objection Certificate (NOC). In most cases, this does not pose a problem. However, sometimes the cricket board refuses to issue a NOC, often when it feels that the player is needed to prepare for international matches, or even for geopolitical reasons. This is the reason why Indian players do not play in the Pakistan Premier League.


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