How much will a St. Louis Cardinals game cost you? A breakdown of this season’s prices

Attending a Cardinals game is a favorite spring activity of many in the metro-east and St. Louis, but it’s generally a more expensive outing than the Saint Louis Zoo or Forest Park.

That said, there are ways to save a little money on your baseball excursion, from sitting farther from the field for under $20 (before fees) to taking the MetroLink for $5 round-trip.

Here’s what to know about prices for tickets, transportation, parking, food and drinks at Busch Stadium this year.

Cardinals tickets

Ticket prices vary greatly based on the game, day of the week and section. Here’s some pricing from resale platform Ticketmaster for two upcoming games.

Here are prices for the game against the Detroit Tigers May 6, as of April 13:

  • Lowest price: $17 before fees for Section 111, Row 31

  • Pricey side: $414 before fees for Section 1, Row K

  • Dugout box: $103 before fees for Section 132, Row C

Here are prices for the May 19 game against the Los Angeles Dodgers:

  • Lowest price: $22 before fees for Section 431, Row 3

  • Pricey side: $1,026 before fees for Section 1, Row K

  • Dugout box: $103 before fees for Section 132, Row C

Fans looking for less expensive options can also wait for promotional periods. Cardinals tickets have been sold for as little as $6 this season.

Cardinals fans have new food options this season. See what’s coming to Busch Stadium

Food and drinks at Cardinals games

Busch Stadium offers a smorgasbord of classic baseball fare, including burgers, hot dogs, soft pretzels, beer and more. Here’s what kind of prices to expect from a few vendors:

Mission Taco Joint, a St. Louis company, will sell pairs of tacos for $9, KSDK reported. Other options include a 20-ounce margarita for $16.75 and “West Coast Nachos” for $14.

Big Chicken will sell sandwiches for $15 a piece, according to KSDK, and fries and cookies will also be available.

The St. Louis Cardinals site doesn’t include pricing information for many food options, but it does say specialty bottled beer is available for $10.75 and Redbridge gluten-free beer is $8. You can also grab a Stella Cider for $10 or a canned premium/specialty beer for $11.

If you’re looking to save money on food costs, Busch Stadium allows you to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. Size restrictions apply to bags.

Parking and public transportation

Depending on where you live and how you choose to travel, you may spend anywhere from $5 to $30 or more to get to the game.

The MetroLink offers tickets for $2.50 each way or a $5 day pass. This might be a good option for those near stations in St. Louis, Fairview Heights, Swansea or Belleville.

You can also take the Redbird Express from St. Clair Square in Fairview Heights for $15 round trip.

If you dare to brave the downtown St. Louis traffic on gameday, you can find parking options for $20, $30 or $15, depending on how far you’re willing to walk.

How do Busch Stadium’s costs compare to others?

Cardinals fans pay the 11th-most to attend a game in the Major Baseball League, according to a Tennessee sports betting website. The TN Bets report used data from the Team Marketing Report’s MLB cost index and included the price of one average ticket, two beers, a hot dog and parking.

Here’s how the 15 most expensive MLB teams stacked up:

  1. Chicago Cubs: $109.78

  2. Boston Red Sox: $96.62

  3. New York Yankees: $95.91

  4. Washington Nationals: $95.88

  5. Houston Astros: $89.83

  6. San Francisco Giants: $83.65

  7. New York Mets: $81.35

  8. Texas Rangers: $78.04

  9. Los Angeles Dodgers: $70.66

  10. Philadelphia Phillies: $70.04

  11. St. Louis Cardinals: $68.22

  12. Chicago White Sox: $66.58

  13. Seattle Mariners: $63.42

  14. Milwaukee Brewers: $62.96

  15. Oakland Athletics: $62.54

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