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How to survive if you find yourself buried under rubble following a missile strike – helpful advice

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January 04, 2024

As Ukrainians endure another difficult stretch of the war due to Russia’s repeated massive missile strikes, Ukraine’s State Emergency Service has published useful advice on what to do if you find yourself trapped under rubble from a collapsed building.

If you have become a victim of Russian shelling and find yourself under the rubble, follow these recommendations:

  • Keep calm. Remember that rescue services are already aware of the building’s destruction and are on their way to you as quickly as possible.

  • Make noise. If possible, express yourself by shouting or whistling to signal your location. You can also knock on radiators or pipes. It’s important to indicate precisely where you are. Rescuers periodically announce a “minute of silence” to hear the victims. Refrain from using matches or lighters to signal, as this may provoke an explosion.

  • Be patient. After you have been heard, it will take time for rescuers to reach you and clear the debris.

If you are not being heard:

  1. Try to free your limbs independently. If this is difficult, massage the body area above the trapped part to maintain blood circulation.

  2. Avoid shifting the ceiling or beams to prevent further collapse. Therefore, do not remove the rubble around you by yourself.

  3. After freeing yourself, assess your condition. If there are other people nearby, provide them with first aid, if possible.

If you realize that you have no strength or means to escape, continue to call for help and wait for rescuers, someone will get to you, assures the State Emergency Service.

The death toll from Russia’s massive missile attack on Kyiv on Dec. 29 has risen to 32 as of the morning of Jan. 4. This marks Russia’s deadliest attack on the capital since the beginning of the war.

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