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‘I don’t give jurisdiction to anyone in this court to judge me’ – Anti-vax campaigner fined for breach of restrictions

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An anti-vaccination campaigner dressed in a velvet purple cape told a judge he did not accept the court’s jurisdiction and wished to personally “charge” both the judge and the prosecuting garda.

ppearing at Galway District Court, Antonio Mureddu (44) was convicted and fined a total of €450 for speeding and breaching Covid-19 regulations.

Mr Mureddu, of The Headford Arms, Main Street, Headford, Co Galway, told Judge Flann Brennan he was demanding €50,000 in compensation from the State unless both charges against him were dropped.

Garda Garrett Cafferkey said he was on patrol at Glenascaul, Oranmore, on April 10, when he detected a car travelling at 134kmh in a 100kmh zone. Following a short pursuit, Gda Cafferkey stopped the car and spoke to the accused.

Garda Cafferkey told the court a 5km travel limit was in force at the time due to the Covid regulations. He asked Mr Mureddu where he was travelling to and from, but he declined to answer.

The court heard Mr Mureddu said he was free to go where he liked and would take Gda Cafferkey to the Supreme Court if he tried to prosecute him.

The court heard that last Tuesday, Gda Cafferkey received registered documentation from the accused. One document stated: “Any man or woman acting as an agent for the Irish State who wishes to interfere with my God-given right to travel peacefully, he or she agrees to pay me €50,000.”

Addressing Judge Brennan directly, the accused said: “I don’t give jurisdiction to anyone in this court to judge me.”

He continued that he believed he had “a constitutional right to liberty in this courtroom”.

Judge Brennan said he was satisfied, having listened to the State’s evidence and Mr Mureddu’s submissions, that the accused was guilty of the charges before the court.

Fining Mr Mureddu €150 for the speeding offence and €300 for breaching the temporary Covid regulation in place at the time, Judge Brennan noted Mr Mureddu’s strong views on the Covid regulations, but said they were temporary laws that were important to protect society during the pandemic.

Granting Mr Mureddu leave to appeal his convictions, Judge Brennan also allowed him six months to pay.

Mr Mureddu then tried to serve a document on a member of the gardaí standing to his left, stating: “I want to charge them and you personally.” Judge Brennan asked Mr Mureddu to step away from the garda as he was unmasked.

Moving back, Mr Mureddu appealed to Judge Brennan: “Can I please take the warrant out for the gentlemans (sic)?” Judge Brennan replied, “You’d better leave the court now.”

My Mureddu said: “Thank you I am not going to pay the fees because I do not consent to this court.” 

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