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‘I won the KitKat lottery with this rare find – but others say they’d be fuming’

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June 08, 2024

A fortunate woman claims to have hit the “lottery” after unexpectedly discovering a wafer-free KitKat Chunky.

Sharing the unique find on Reddit‘s r/CasualUK forum, she said: “My husband says I’ve won the kit kat lottery. Just had a KitKat chunky and got no wafer! I was a bit disappointed but my husband says he’s very jealous and I’ve won the KitKat lottery.”

However, not everyone agreed with her initial excitement at the chocolate mishap. Critics took to Reddit, arguing that a wafer is the heart and soul of a KitKat. One comment read: “Why would you be happy if a KitKat has no wafer? Isn’t that the point.”

Several individuals argued it could not rightly be called a KitKat without its defining characteristic – the wafer. It was compared to a Yorkie chocolate bar. “Isn’t that just a Yorkie?” queried one Reddit user, while another posted: “If you want just chocolate you can buy just chocolate.”

In a later comment, the original poster gave further context: “I took a bite and thought it was just the solid chocolate bit off the end. Soon realised it wasn’t!” A few fellow Redditors revealed they too has experienced such waferless occurrences and urged the original poster to approach Nestle for a free KitKat voucher.

One individual commented: “You can report this to Nestle and they will send you a voucher (I’ve done this before).”

Another shared a past experience where his sister received a KitKat without the wafer and was compensated with a generous supply of KitKat chocolates. “My sister had this as a kid,” they stated. “Wrote a letter to KitKat and they sent a gift pack as an apology with loads for us.”

Another Reddit user suggested that KitKats without wafers were not uncommon in the past. They remarked: “You used to get random solid chocolate kitkats quite frequently. I assumed they were a thing of the past.”

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