Imran Khan informing nation about Sharif's money laundering

Imran Khan informing nation about Sharif’s money laundering

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Islamabad: Imran Khan on Sunday informed the nation through a press conference in which he is giving details about Shahbaz Sharif & his son Hamza Sharif’s money laundering case. Khan said Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif got cars from Toshakhana which isn’t possible. Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are convicted criminals and out on bail and also they’ve been fined too. On other hand, Nawaz Sharif’s sons said that “They Are Not Pakistani”. Imran Khan has presented a white paper on their corruption today & informed the nation about what are they charged with. After receiving NRO, a new era of corruption was started by Sharif and Zardari which caused immense damage to Pakistan.

Mafia buys people like politicians, What the PMLM did with Sheikh Rashid is extremely shameful, Imran Khan’s address to the press conference. Imran further explained the situation of the Madina incident, Can there be a more foolish case than this? We were here having Shab e Dua all over Pakistan, when we finished the dua we found out about the Madina incident. They should be ashamed of themselves for accusing us of instigating it. They will rob the country and send money abroad, Imran Khan revealed. This is not the time of 70, this is the age of social media, whoever has a mobile phone, has his voice, and now no one can stop him.

The Constitution tells the Election Commission to always be ready to conduct the Election Commission in 90 days, and we do not trust the Chief Election Commissioner at all, Imran Khan’s address to the press conference. If there is democracy in Pakistan then peaceful protest is our right, it is the right of the nation. If it is tried to stop it and people are put in jails then it will be the responsibility of the courts to tell whether it is a democracy or not. Imran Khan’s address to the press conference.

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