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Indishell believes to have the audio of Shehbaz Sharif to Govt of Pakistan officials

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September 25, 2022
Indishell believes to have the audio of Shehbaz Sharif to Govt of Pakistan officials

Indishell, an old hacking group in India, has released a confidential audio recording of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif allegedly discussing confidential information with government officials. The three sample audio, which was released on the Darkweb blackhat website, features a conversation between Sharif and senior government official (Principal Secretary of PM) Tauqeer Shah, including Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah along with Ayaz Saddiq and others. The audio has Maryam Nawaz leak too in which she is speaking to the PM of Pakistan.

  • The first audio call is between PM Shehbaz and his Principal Secretary
  • The second is of Maryam Nawaz and PM Shehbaz in which she is discussing Miftah Ismail, Pervez Ilahi, to increase petrol prices and about Ishaq Dar & others
  • The third audio call is about a cabinet meeting where highly top officials sat together and discussed confidential things.
  • A group also claimed to have current PM and ex-PM audio leaks, and highly influential people
  • A group replied to someone in the forum that he has the Army Chief’s confidential meeting call too (but has not yet confirmed)


This is a serious security breach and no one knows how the group had hacked them, either through hacking their phones or bugging the room where the meeting was held. If they have bugged the room then it’s 100% an insider job without the insider’s help no one can or has access to the PM office. The security staff of the Prime Minister does have access to the personal rooms and his office.


A user “Indishell” on a Darkweb forum has claimed to have access to some confidential audios of the Prime Minister’s office of Pakistan. The hacking group that is allegedly responsible for obtaining these leaks has claimed that they also have access to other sensitive government information. A user is asking others to bid on it and the maximum bidder will get the 100 audio files expected to be 1 hour each or less (total 100 hours). It is around 8 GB in size. As per the group, the bids start from 180 BTC.

This could be a major scandal for the Pakistani government, as the leaked audio files could potentially contain damaging information. The authenticity of these leaks has yet to be confirmed, but after hearing them again & again we believe they are genuine, then this could be a major blow to the ruling party. The Pakistani government is not confirming or denying it as of now.


Who is Indishell?

Well, if you go back to 2007 the group Indishell hacked OGRA (Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority) since then the group had hacked thousands of Pakistani websites including the top government of Pakistan’s websites, banks, the Punjab Assembly, courts, law enforcement agencies. From 2007 to 2012 the Indo-Pak cyberwar was going on and it was at its peak. In reaction to the Indian hacks, the hacking group of Pakistan (Pakistan Cyber Army), and (PakBugs) was formed. When Indishell was hacking Pakistan’s cyberspace the Pakbugs were hacking Indian cyberspace. When Indishell hacked OGRA the Pakistan Cyber Army hacked ONGC (India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd). The peace deal between Indishell and Pakistan Cyber Army was done in 2009-2010 (As far as I remember and read at that time). Both groups agreed not to hack each other websites and will not hack any government or law enforcement websites. Later after a few months Pakbugs from Pakistan and ICW (Indian Cyber Wing) started hacking each other’s websites, which lead to another cyberwar between the two countries.

When Indishell hacked the government of Pakistan websites, the PakBugs hacked CBI (Crime Bureau of Investigation) and thousands of Indian government, and other websites of Indian Cyber Space. Zombie_KSA was a founder of PakBugs along with Big Smoke, they had around 5-10 members in their group. PakBugs also hacked multiple governments of Pakistan’s websites such as the Supreme court of Pakistan, Sindh Police, and PKNIC, and also deface Google Uganda and Saint Helena along with thousands of other websites. The biggest mistake of Pakbugs was to hack/deface the FIA Cyber Crime website (NR3C.gov.pk). The group members were arrested by the FIA in different parts of Pakistan. Well, Pakbugs was co-founded by Jawad aka Zombie_KSA the first Pakistani hacker to hack Google, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, and multiple websites through DNS spoofing and other malicious exploits.

After the arrests of Pakbugs members, the group started to hack Pakistani government websites. They later hack Jang News, Geo News, and PKNIC after 3-4 years of their member getting arrested. Indishell last hacks the Pakistani website in 2016 and since then both groups or all the groups Indishell, Pakbugs, ICW, and PCA went undercover. But this year in September 2022, someone used Indishell’s name to get the attention of the masses.


Our Investigation & Conclusion:

The audio seems to be real (but the forensic must be done) the audio was recorded between April to May and between June to July. Maryam is discussing Pervez Musharaf and DG ISPR. Due to security issues, we are not sharing the content of the audio in our article but readers may have already listened on social media such as Twitter. This is the security failure of our Intelligence Agencies, Military secretaries, and other security staff. The FIA should have worked hard to nab those who had access to the NADRA database but unfortunately, they have failed to do so. Read my investigative report on how malicious actors are selling the data of NADRA along with the SIM database of Pakistani consumers. Pakbugs members & Pak Cyber Army knows about Indishell very much as PCA did the peace deal with Indishell members, so it shouldn’t be hard to know where Indishell members are currently located and if they are the real Indishell hacking group who have the current audio leaks.

  • Government officials may be using hacked rooted phones
  • The networks that are connected might be hacked from the PM office
  • The rooms may have been bugged
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