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Intel Arc GPUs shown in all flavors — BTF design with hidden connectors, blower-type coolers, and liquid-cooled GPUs

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June 08, 2024

Sparkle, which returned to GPU manufacturing last year, showed off its complete Intel Arc lineup at Computex 2024. The company exhibited various Arc Alchemist graphics cards, including a BTF (Back to The Future) design with hidden power connectors, a blower-type design, and a liquid-cooled concept.

Sparkle also showed off two concept cards: a Blower Concept GPU and an Intel Arc A770 BTF GPU. The former is a long, thin GPU with a single intake fan, and all the hot air is expelled out the back. Sparkle worked with Asus on the latter to make it compatible with the BTF motherboards, which Asus showed off at CES 2024.

The company introduced the Arc A380 Genie, which has the exact specifications as its A380 Elf GPU but is shorter by 7 mm and narrower by 25mm. It also has two fans to help retain its performance under load and avoid thermal throttling. Sparkle built this GPU for mini-ITX systems, allowing you to pack in a discrete GPU for your SFF PC build.

It also launched the A310 Eco GPU, which puts the already diminutive A310 Elf into an even smaller package. This tiny GPU has a single-slot configuration and is cooled by a single fan. It also has a lower 50-watt TDP and is Sparkle exclusive, making it an excellent choice for mini-PC builds that still require a discrete graphics card.

Sparkle Intel Arc A380 Genie

Sparkle Intel Arc A380 Genie

The A380 Genie and the A310 Eco are the low-profile GPUs Sparkle has developed since August last year. Both cards come with a half-height bracket, so you can easily install them in small form factor and mini-PC cases without ordering a custom bracket. These GPUs also get all their power directly from the PCIe slot on your motherboard, so you don’t need extra power cables or even a high-capacity PSU to run them.

Sparkle Intel Arc A310

Sparkle Intel Arc A310

In addition to these two new GPUs, Sparkle also showed off a 4 x HDMI version of its Elf GPUs. Customers with monitors that only accept HDMI cables no longer need to purchase a DisplayPort to HDMI cable or adapter to enjoy a multi-monitor configuration.

These newly launched cards will bring the total Sparkle lineup to 14 Intel Arc GPUs, a big jump from its initial lineup of just five GPUs. There is the current Sparkle GPU lineup as of Computex 2024:

Intel still hasn’t launched a flagship GPU competing against Nvidia’s RTX 4090 or AMD’s Radeon RX 7900 XTX monsters. Sparkle showed off a liquid cooling concept for Intel Arc graphics cards.

Sparkle also demonstrated a white PCB, which it intends to install on the ROC Luna GPUs. The display name called these GPUs ROC Luna White Edition cards, but it’s unclear whether Sparkle plans to launch this as another graphics card option or if it will replace the current ROC Luna GPU, which has a white exterior but still uses a blue PCB.

Sparkle Intel Arc BTF Concept GPU

Sparkle Intel Arc BTF Concept GPU

Sparkle’s extensive GPU lineup is a good sign for consumers, giving buyers more Intel Arc GPU options. It’s also an excellent sign for Intel, as it shows that the company is invested with its board partners, especially as it’s preparing to launch the second-generation Battlemage GPU line.

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