James Faulkner took the alcohol in Hotel, PCB responded to the allegations

James Faulkner took the alcohol in Hotel, PCB responded

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Pakistan: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken notice of the allegations made by Australian cricketer James Faulkner, a member of Pakistan Super League team Quetta Gladiators.

James Faulkner

The PCB says it has taken note of Faulkner’s false and misleading allegations, and a detailed statement issued.



On the other hand, sources said that the PCB had paid 70% of the contract to James Faulkner but he refused to receive the money and returns home. As per the sources, Valuables were broken by Faulkner at the hotel, he was high on Alcohol in the hotel and when the board asked the Australian cricketer to pay for the loss, he refused and decided to return. The report states that the cricketer, while intoxicated, threw his helmet and bat this morning and smashed hotel lights, even at the airport, insulting immigration officials and other staff.

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