Jeff Bezos is Personally Investing Millions Into Startups in This ‘Boring’ Industry – Here’s Why

Where venture capitalists (VCs) and billionaires invest their money in the startup world can serve as a powerful indication of the next big sectors to emerge. While artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics often dominate the spotlight, Inc. founder Jeff Bezos has recently turned his attention towards the logistics industry.

Logistics may be an unconventional focus by traditional VC standards, but Bezos’s investment strategy is understandable given his experience. Having founded Amazon, one of the world’s largest logistics networks, Bezos has been a driving force behind innovations such as two-day and same-day delivery, drone delivery, and more. His expertise in logistics makes him well-suited to identify and address the industry’s challenges.

One of Bezos’s recent investments is in HempNFibers, a startup developing hemp-based biofuels for the logistics sector. Little information is available about the company, as it is still in its early pre-seed stage. However, the investment appears to capitalize on the increasing demand for alternative biofuels and hemp-based products.

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Bezos has also invested in Beacon, a digital supply chain and freight platform designed to optimize supply chains through data insights and visibility. The platform connects data across the supply chain, allowing companies to access this information to streamline logistics processes. This enables real-time freight tracking and decision-making based on potential disruptions along the way.

This might seem odd given the current focus from Silicon Valley venture capitalists (VC) shoveling money into AI. But Bezos might be on to something. Logistics is a massive cause of environmental issues and a global trillion-dollar industry. With Bezos effectively owning one of the largest logistics networks in the world, he has the ability to implement these technologies if effective, further making him millions.

Several startups are looking to solve this issue with a more tech-forward approach too. So while it might seem boring, there are some exciting options emerging out of the overall startups sector. For example, 3DOS is utilizing their network of tens of thousands of 3D printers across the globe to create a global, localized, and on-demand logistics network. Meaning, you could buy a product online, then manufacture it in your own home. Or a neighbor or local facility could manufacture it, then ship it down the road instead of around the world. While not Bezos-backed, it has already raised over $309,000 from retail investors through its current equity crowdfunding round.

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