Kadyrov said that he asked Putin to move his soldiers to Bakhmut

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, has said that his soldiers from the “Akhmat” unit were ostensibly ready to move to the city of Bakhmut.

Source: Kadyrov on Telegram

Details: Kadyrov stated that he allegedly signed a letter to Putin, confirming the readiness of his criminals to move to Bakhmut “to reclaim the city and cleanse it of NATO and Ukrainian Satanists.”

He also assured Putin that his order would be carried out “in any case”.


Quote from Kadyrov: “Fighters are on combat alert; we are only waiting for an order. Several units have already moved towards conducting the “special military operation”.

I am sure that in the near future, we will liberate the city, despite all kinds of rumours about some terrible counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We have already begun to develop our strategy of actions in this area, together with the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, taking into account the tactics of the enemy and the resources at our disposal.”


  • On 5 May, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner private military company, wrote a letter to the Russian Defence Ministry, stating that he would withdraw his mercenaries from Bakhmut after 10 May.

  • He claimed that the reason for the move was that the Ministry of Defence did not give his fighters enough ammunition, and he did not want his people to be “doomed to a senseless death” because of this.

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine are sceptical about the claim made by Prigozhin.

  • Later, Ramzan Kadyrov offered his help in the occupation of Bakhmut.

  • Prigozhin announced that he would allegedly hand over the positions of his fighters in Bakhmut to Kadyrov’s soldiers.

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