Know about Dry Herb Vapors and Benefits

Know about Dry Herb Vapors and Benefits

As the popularity of vapes continues to grow, they are being used for more than just tobacco. Many dry herbs are ideal for use in a vaporizer and can bring the health benefits of aromatherapy and other applications on the go. With a small vape that slips easily into a pocket or a purse, you can take this with you anywhere smoking is allowed and those with adjustable temperature ranges are flexible and easy to use.

Why Herbs for Vaping?

The same herbs that are made into essential oils for diffusing are easily adapted to vaporizing in a dry herbs vape. These herbs are crushed down and placed inside the vape, which then heats them to the correct temperature to release the essence of the plant and create with it a vapor or gentle smoke. This can be inhaled similarly to other uses and is a discrete manner of use. By using a vape rather than an essential oil diffuser it can be used in more spaces without disturbing others.

The vapor that is created is part of the process of gathering essential oils from leaves and plants, but without adding it to water and a diffuser, it remains concentrated and within the immediate area. Natural herbs should not linger in the air after you’ve left, or travel through the air to others. When using clean and pure herbs you will get the best results.

Suggested Herbs

Many of the most popular herbs are used for respiratory illness, pain, or other concerns. Peppermint is often recommended for tooth pain, for use in fighting inflammation caused by cold or flu, and can fight sinus build-up and infections. The taste of peppermint has a hint of sweetness that is often enjoyed by many people and is a popular choice for foods, candies, and chewing gum. It will also offer a pleasant smell to the breath and is a common ingredient in breath fresheners.

Citrus such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit are clean scents that are recommended for the cold season. The vitamins and antioxidants that they contain reduce the severity of colds and flu and offer a boost of energy and even focus for many people.

Ginger and turmeric both offer relief from inflammation and the pain that it causes. Using these separately or together can ease asthma symptoms, and irritation from allergy season, and will offer a pleasant taste as well. If you find that you often get sick during the cold season, keeping some ginger in a vape can help to shorten the span of the illness and get you on the path to health faster.

Chamomile is often used to promote rest and relaxation and is one of the tops recommended teas for people who struggle to fall asleep. Used in a vape it can offer to relieve anxiety symptoms and help ease stress throughout the day.

When you find an herb that works for you through aromatherapy or through teas and other consumables, it can often be adapted to use in a dry herb vape from this website – and offer portable access for easy use.

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