Massive crowd on roads in Pakistan for Imran Khan

Massive crowd on roads in Pakistan for Imran Khan

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Pakistan: I have personally witnessed the massive crowd in the history of Pakistan and that’s only for Imran Khan. almost all the cities of Pakistan were protesting together against “foreign conspiracy” and in favor of Khan, the public demands were clear and they wanted Khan to be back as a Prime Minister. The protestors were also demanding the early elections. Just to remind the readers that not only in Pakistan but internationally people were protesting in almost big countries in favor of Khan. Shahbaz Sharif who is going to be the next PM of Pakistan court was convinced that he has been found in billions of rupees corruption and has been nominated as the “Corrupt Person” by the NAB for massive corruption, he is on bail and today the court was about to charge him for money laundering but as usual, the corrupt officers in the bureaucracy saved him.


Never have such crowds come out so spontaneously and in such numbers in our history,

Khan posted on his Twitter account on Sunday night.


“The freedom struggle begins again today,” Khan tweeted to his more than 15 million followers.



Massive Crowd in Pakistan for Imran Khan:


  • Under no circumstances will we accept foreign agenda on national sovereignty. Protest rally of Makhdoom Syed Muhammad Habib Irfani with thousands of followers. We will stand by Imran Khan’s side for the sake of national integrity.

  • At night a record number of people came out in every city of Pakistan and it felt as if Imran Khan was holding a rally everywhere. Of course, this is a sou-moto notice of the people. Anchor Imran Riaz Khan said in a video

  • Last night was a historic day – on a call from Imran Khan, not only Pakistan but Pakistanis all over the world came out in favor of an independent Pakistan and the slogans kept echoing ” No to Imported Government” – history will testify that you were there and you Raised awareness against this injustice, Faisal Javed Khan tweeted


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