NBA power rankings: Nuggets, Bucks hold top seeds; Lakers, Mavericks vie for play-in spots

The Milwaukee Bucks are closing in on the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference while the Denver Nuggets hold the top spot out West entering the final week of the regular season.

The Bucks are 1 ½ games ahead of the No. 2 Boston Celtics in the East with five games remaining. The Nuggets have a two-game lead over the No. 2 Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference followed by the Sacramento Kings, who are on the verge of securing no less than the No. 3 seed.

The Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls appear to be headed for the play-in tournament in the East. The play-in race in the wild West is still undecided with six teams are separated by a total of three games.

The Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans, Minnesota Timberwolves and Oklahoma City Thunder would earn play-in berths if the season ended today, but the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz are still in the mix. The Mavericks, trying to salvage a postseason appearance after making a blockbuster trade to pair Luka Doncic with Kyrie Irving, are a half-game behind the Thunder for the final play-in spot.

Some of these races will come down to the final game of the season. While we watch the drama unfold, here’s a look at our latest NBA power rankings.

* Through games played 3/31

1. Milwaukee Bucks (55-22)

Last week: 1

2. Boston Celtics (55-24)

Last week: 2

3. Philadelphia 76ers (51-26)

Last week: 3

4. Denver Nuggets (51-26)

Last week: 4

5. Memphis Grizzlies (49-28)

Last week: 6

6. Cleveland Cavaliers (48-30)

Last week: 5

7. Sacramento Kings (47-30)

Last week: 7

8. New York Knicks (45-33)

Last week: 8

9. Phoenix Suns (42-35)

Last week: 10

10. Brooklyn Nets (42-35)

Last week: 11

11. Los Angeles Clippers (41-37)

Last week: 12

12. Golden State Warriors (41-37)

Last week: 13

13. Miami Heat (40-37)

Last week: 9

14. Los Angeles Lakers (39-38)

Last week: 17

15. New Orleans Pelicans (39-38)

Last week: 19

16. Minnesota Timberwolves (39-39)

Last week: 15

17. Oklahoma City Thunder (38-40)

Last week: 14

18. Toronto Raptors (38-39)

Last week: 21

19. Atlanta Hawks (38-39)

Last week: 18

20. Chicago Bulls (37-40)

Last week: 22

21. Dallas Mavericks (37-40)

Last week: 16

22. Utah Jazz (36-41)

Last week: 20

23. Washington Wizards (34-43)

Last week: 25

24. Indiana Pacers (34-44)

Last week: 23

25. Orlando Magic (33-44)

Last week: 26

26. Portland Trail Blazers (32-45)

Last week: 24

27. Charlotte Hornets (26-52)

Last week: 27

28. San Antonio Spurs (19-58)

Last week: 28

29. Houston Rockets (19-59)

Last week: 29

30. Detroit Pistons (16-61)

Last week: 30

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