Noor Mukadam finally got the justice, Zahir Jaffer sentenced to death

Noor Mukadam got the justice Zahir Jaffer sentenced to death

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Pakistan: Islamabad District and Sessions Court, while delivering the verdict in the Noor Mukadam murder case, sentenced convict Zahir Jaffer to death.

Islamabad District and Sessions Court Additional and Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani Noor delivered the reserved verdict in the murder case. The court sentenced the gardener and security guard at Zahir’s house Jan Muhammad and watchman Iftikhar to 10 years imprisonment while the parents of the accused and employees of the therapy work were acquitted. During the hearing, accused Zahir Jaffer, his father Zakir Jaffer, and domestic helpers were produced before the court. Zahir’s mother Asmat Adamjee, father Zakir Jaffer and cook Jamil have been acquitted.


Zahir Jaffer sentenced to death in Noor Mukadam case:


Noor was murdered on July 20, 2021, in Islamabad F-7 area. She was 27 years old and the daughter of a former diplomat, Shaukat Mukadam. Noor was held hostage for two days, tortured with a knuckleduster, then decapitated with a knife. Noor was raped before being murdered.

The father of Noor is satisfied with the court verdict and he said no daughter should ever face what my daughter had faced.


“The death sentence for Zahir Jaffer, this was very necessary. I said time and again that this was not a case of my daughter, it is a question of all of Pakistan’s daughters,” says Shaukat Mukadam.

After a brief verdict, the court issued a written decision according to which a fine of Rs. 500,000 has also been imposed on Jaffer. He has been sentenced to 25 years of hard labor and a fine of Rs 200,000 for rape while Zahir Jaffer has also been sentenced to 10 years of hard labor and a fine of Rs 100,000 for kidnapping. Zahir Jaffar will be sentenced to one year for keeping the accused in custody.

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