imran khan Overseas Pakistanis protesting

Overseas Pakistanis protesting for Imran Khan in many countries

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Pakistan: Thousands of Overseas Pakistanis are on roads in different parts of the countries on Sunday in favor of the Imran Khan an ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan who was forcefully sacked by the opposition in the name of the so-called “Vote of Confidence”. Australia, the UK, France, the US, Germany, Canada, UAE, and many other countries have seen thousands of people come in support of Imran Khan. Many cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, KP, and other cities are also witnessing a huge number of crowds, who have come in support of Imran Khan and protesting against the change of government, and hoping to get him elected once again.

For all the latest updates about the protests please follow the official handle of Tehreek e Insaf.


Overseas Pakistanis came in support of Imran Khan



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