Social media users trending Pakistan Ki Awaz ARY #PakistanKiAwazARY

Pakistan Ki Awaz ARY #PakistanKiAwazARY Mainstream Social media users trending

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Pakistan: ARY is the only news channel that is sharing real news and truth, while the other media channels are on the payroll of PDM, shareefs, and other mafias. Social media users are trending Pakistan Ki Awaz ARY #PakistanKiAwazAry after the Government of Pakistan threatened the media channel ARY. Khawaja Saad Rafique and other ministers have sent direct threats to ARY and also blocked the channel in various cities of Pakistan 2 days ago when Imran Khan was giving a speech in Minar e Pakistan Lahore.


Pakistan Ki Awaz ARY

Channel CEO and President Salman Iqbal are now applauded by the masses for not bowing down against the mafias. ARY rating is grown by 95% after sharing live streaming of Imran Khan jalsa’s. Their videos have been seen by millions of people in just a few days, the channel is gaining popularity among the masses. ARY anchor & prominent journalist Mr. Arshad Sharif has also tagged the Human Rights Watch and the Amnesty Asia about the “threat sent by the minister to ARY”.


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