Pakistan Plane Crash

Pakistan Plane Crash 97 died in PK 8303 Law Enforcement Operation

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Pakistan Plane Crash: A Pakistan International Airline (PIA) PK 8303 passenger plane crashed in the Model Colony area near the runway at Karachi Airport, Karachi Plane Crash Details.

In this article you will get to know about Pakistan Plane Crash, What was the reason & Thank you Pakistan Army, Sindh Rangers & Sindh Police, Thank you Core Commander Karachi Lt General Humayun Aziz, DG Rangers Omar Bukhari & Wing Commanders & Thank you JDC Zafar Abbas, Edhi (Faisal Edhi), Chipa & all the NGOs for taking part in the rescue operation. I am sorry to say no Political Party were in the rescue operation, they were all on the spot for a photo session that’s all, if there were no law enforcement agencies and NGOs, Social Welfare Organization then only Allah would have saved us.


A PIA spokesman Mr. Hafiz said the plane had 99 passengers and eight crew members on board. Airbus 320 PIA flight PK 8303 left Lahore for Karachi at 1:10 am and crashed at Jinnah Garden near its destination.

The plane crashed at Gate No. 2 of Malir Cantt, which is adjacent to the airport, before landing. A total of 15 houses (building were collapsed), caught fire, few cars also caught fire as the plane falls on the houses. The emergency was declared at Karachi airport after the accident. 

A black box of PIA aircraft PK 8303 recovered and handed over to civil aviation authorities for further investigation. The plane crashed at 2:37 p.m., a PIA spokesman said to Media.

Aerial surveillance of the area was carried out by Pakistan Army aviation helicopters, Quick Reaction Force was involved in relief operations with the civil administration, relatives of the passengers visited the airport and the location searching for their loved ones.

Confirmation of the survival of two passengers

According to the health department of Sindh, two survivors have been confirmed so far, identified as Zafar Masood and Muhammad Zubair. Zafar Masood is the President of the Bank of Punjab. Zafar Masood was shifted to CMH then to Darul Sehat hospital at Gulistan-e-Jauhar Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah visited him at Darul Sehat Hospital and later told the media that his condition was out of danger.


Why PK 8303 was crashed and How? (Detail Investigation)

Why was the landing avoided even after reaching the runway for the first time?

The landing gear was jammed, the plane was hovering in the air. The unlucky plane was at a 15 nautical approach point. the landing gear was jammed, the plane was spinning in the air. When the pilot tried to land a second time, both engines failed due to the collision of the birds, but the truth is yet to come to light. Before falling, the control tower told the captain, “Your height is too high. Reduce it.”

The captain told the control tower that he would manage his speed. When the plane landed at 7,000 feet, the control tower snapped at the captain again, the captain touched the runway with Bailey landing. According to the sources, the left engine of the plane tilted 4500 feet on the nerve vapor while going 5,500 feet away, the right engine also tilted the ground.

According to the report, the captain of the plane took off again. The runway of Karachi airport is 9,000 to 10,000 feet long. After taking off again, the plane crashed in a landing attempt on resident buildings and destroyed them. The captain of the plane also started making mayday calls and said that the engine of the plane has stopped, when the plane reached 1200 feet, the landing gear was not down, the communication between the captain and the pilot is recorded in a black box, by decoding the black box it will help and understand the situation.

Pakistan Plane Crash Was Big Buildings Caused the incident?

According to the residents of Jinnah Garden and nearby The lower flight of planes is common here. Sometimes it seems as if the plane touches so close to the roof and sometimes it’s so near that we can feel it we can touch it. Due to sensitive areas, the Supreme Court has banned constructed multi-story buildings in that area and surrounding. According to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Karachi, more than two floors (ground+ two floors) multi-story buildings are not allowed to construct. The area where the Pakistan Plane Crashed was a very sensitive area known as Malir Cantt. From Pakistan Army Mess to Pakistan Air Force HQ and Karachi International Airport are located, on one hand, its cantonment area and on second hand its Airport, and in that area how Sindh Building Control Authority allowed to make a multi-story building? the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered long ago to SBCA + KBCA that not to permit to approve the map and construct the multi-story buildings. multi-story buildings caused the incident, if there were no multi-story buildings then the loss would have been less. The pilot tried their best to save the Plane, passengers and he wanted to save the residents of the area as well but unfortunately due to the multi-story buildings the plane crashed on the houses, from cars to 25 houses (buildings) were destroyed.

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