Breaking: Pakistan to Ease Lockdown Nationwide from Saturday:

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Pakistan to ease lockdown from May 9 PM Imran Khan announced.

“We have decided to open the lockdown phase wise from Saturday 9th May 2020. We have decided to do so in collaboration with all the provinces,” PM Imran Khan said.

Pakistan to ease lockdown
Pakistan to ease lockdown

A meeting of the National Coordinating Committee chaired by the Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to ease the lockdown that has been in force across the country since March 9 due to the coronavirus.

Pakistan to ease lockdown list of business:

The federal government has decided to open small markets, shops, and hardware stores. Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar, who was present at the meeting, said that the shops have been decided to remain open from Fajr 5 am till 5 pm, all the shops will be closed two days a week except for food and medicine shops.

Imran Khan said that at present no consensus has been reached on the opening of public transport but in my view, public transport should also be opened along with SOPs so that poor and compelled people can travel.

Hamad Azhar said Pakistan to ease lockdown and all the factories and shops of pipe mills, paint making units, electric, steel, and aluminum will be opened.

A meeting of the National Coordinating Committee was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan in which the provincial chief ministers participated through video link.

He made the decision together with all the provinces: Prime Minister Imran Khan says that coronavirus spreads fast but the spread of the virus stops from the social distance, our graph is still going up from the virus, we were afraid that the virus would not spread fast.

Talking to media after the meeting of the National Coordinating Committee, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that due to the lockdown, there was a fear that a large section of us are day laborers and huts, the majority of which is 80%. So what will become of those who earn daily?

He said that he was proud that Corona did not come to our country in the same way as the situation in Europe. God willing, Pakistan was not under such pressure as it was in Europe. We kept wondering what time it would be for us to lockdown.

Speaking to media after the meeting, Asad Umar Planning Minister said that all decisions were being taken in consultation with the provinces, adding that all decisions were being taken for the sake of human lives.

He said that from talk shows it seems that the federation and the provinces are in trouble. If the Prime Minister wanted, he could have imposed the decision on transport on the provinces but the Prime Minister wants to take decisions together with all the provinces.

Asad Umar said that it has been decided to allow the opening of small markets, shops in the neighborhood, it has been decided to allow the opening of shops even after dawn.

He said that all businesses would be closed two days a week while it was decided to open OPDs of hospitals.


The shopping malls will not be opened in Sindh Saeed Ghani Said.

The Educational institutions closed until July 15, there will be no board exams this year.

The shops will be closed after 5 PM.

The transport national and cities buses will not be allowed to run.

The hotels will not be open.

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