parachinar blast

Parachinar Blast more than 20 Injured in IED Blast in Turi Bazar

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More than 22 people have been injured in an explosion in Parachinar Turi Bazar, health authorities and police officials said. According to the initials report the blast took place in the Parachinar’s Turi Bazar a crowded market area that has in the past been also a target of terrorists.

Once again the enemies of Pakistan are trying to destabilize Pakistan, they are targetting the public places so they can get the attention of the world media, but they will not succeed in this.

Officials told to EMEA TRIBUNE about Parachinar Blast

The explosion was an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) that had been fitted in a vegetable cart, as this was the market area so usually occupied by the vegetable and fruit sellers, we are investigating the matter and will update as soon as we received anything. meanwhile, we are gathering some information about the terrorist and in which cart the bomb was.

Law enforcement agencies have cordoned off the area, according to the health officials 2 people are in serious condition.

Parachinar Blast Visuals

We have received few visuals from the eyewitness

parachinar blast

parachinar blast

parachinar blast


EMEA TRIBUNE will update the article as soon as the new development comes.

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