Pedro Pascal And Oscar Isaac’s Friendship Is Chaotically Perfect, And Here Are 21 Moments That Prove It

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In a way, Pedro Pascal has won an Oscar.

Here are some of their best moments together:

1. When they rang in the New Year together:

3. When Oscar quickly took credit for Pedro’s role in The Mandalorian:

4. When they lived it up filming their movie Triple Frontier in Hawaii together:

5. I cannot overemphasize how much fun they appeared to have in Hawaii:

6. When Pedro celebrated his “amordemivida” (Translation: LoveOfMyLife) at the premiere of The Rise of Skywalker:

7. When Pedro posted this cute photo of the two of them, but made sure to call Oscar ugly in the caption.

8. When Oscar lovingly celebrated Pedro’s career:

9. When Oscar appeared to really enjoy this hug:

10. When Oscar made his feelings on Baby Yoda clear:

12. When Pedro posted this photo because I guess they just hang out on Brooklyn rooftops together:

13. When Oscar Isaac’s wife, director Elvira Lind, included the hashtag #SisterWives in the caption of this selfie with Pedro:

14. And then when she promised Pedro a “special performance” in the caption of this photo of Oscar giving a shirtless puppet show:

15. When Pedro posted this screenshot of him and Oscar on FaceTime, celebrating Biden’s win:

16. When Pedro thought of someone who Oscar looks like but was laughing too hard thinking about it to actually say it:

For reference:

Roy Rochlin / WireImage, Disney Channel

17. And when Oscar got him back with his own comparison:

For reference:

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images, Disney

18. When Oscar very delicately fed Pedro a bite of rice:

19. When they had a morning coffee together in Hawaii:

20. When Pedro posted this picture that looks cute until you realize Oscar is eating his ear:

21. And finally, when they handled this interview with maturity and professionalism:

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