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PIA Plane Crash Investigation of PK 8303, who was the responsible?

PIA plane crash investigation PK 8303

The PK 8303 PIA Plane Crash Investigation report has now been handed over to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, and the names of those responsible have also been made public – but who were they?

Latest Update: 27/06/2020

Aviation Minister Mr. Ghulam Sarwar sent a list of fake pilots yesterday in a press conference, see below.

  • 262 pilots did not take the exam themselves to get the pilot license, someone else appears on their behalf in the examination, they have paid someone
  • many pilots have no flying experience but they are flying
  • we are investigating this and we want to assure the nation that they will not operate any flights from now on.
  • 141 pilots were barred from flying the plane

Latest Update on PK 8303: 24/06/2020

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar has submitted a preliminary report to Parliament on the ill-fated plane PK 8303. He said: “I have seen all the videos and listened to all the voice recordings of the last 30 minutes through the voice recorder and here’s what I have found so far.”



  • Before take-off, The Plane was fit
  • Air traffic controller warned captain thrice not to land
  • The pilot ignored all directions of the Air Traffic Controller
  • The approach tower did not switch over to the control tower and retained the frequency
  • The plane should have stopped when the engines hit the runway
  • Pilots were depressed because their family members tested positive (Pilot family members had been infected by the coronavirus)
  • In the voice recorder it is confirmed that pilots were talking about the “Corona Virus” continuously
  • Air Traffic Controller and Co-Pilots told the Captain to concentrate on it but the Captain said “I will manage by myself don’t worry” 
  • The last three words of the Captain were “Ya Allah, Ya Allah, Ya Allah”
  • Crew Members, Co-Pilot, Captain were the main ones responsible for this plane crash and also ATC was responsible
  • The pilot switched the landing from Automatic to Manual
  • When the plane hit the ground without the landing gear at the time the control tower should have notified the pilot
  • Both engines were damaged because of the Captain’s mistake
  • Pilots were not focused as they were both talking about their families who had tested positive for coronavirus
  • Captain dived the plane to land at a 60-degree angle rather than the recommended 30-degree angle

PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION REPORT INTO ACCIDENT OF PIAC FLIGHT PK8303 AIRBUS A320-214 REG NO AP-BLED CRASHED NEAR KARACHI AIRPORT ON 22-05-2020 Download the report from https://www.caapakistan.com.pk/SIB/SIB-Reports.aspx

Update: 6:18 PM: Air Commodore Usman Ghani sent the complete report to Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar, according to Ghulam Sarwar: “We will publish the full report in a day or two in the Assembly.”

PIA Plane Crash Investigation Report


On 22 May 2020, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) PK-8303 passenger plane crashed in the Model Colony area near the runway at Karachi Airport. Read more: https://emeatribune.com/pakistan-plane-crashed-97-died-law-enforcement-operation/

Around 97 people were in the plane were dead, two remains safe, 1 girl 12 years old who was living in the building where the plane crashed, also died. On Monday 22, June 2020 PIA Plane Crash Investigative Report will now be handed over to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, according to the Sources, and as per initial reports, the Air Traffic Controller and the Crew Member who were in the cockpit were responsible for this deadliest plane crash. Minister of aviation Ghulam Sarwar promised to share the investigation report with the public on June 22, 2020. Flight black boxes and voice recorders were decoded in France, and an expert team from France visited Karachi to take part in the investigation and help Pakistani Investigators.

Investigation Report Important Points

  • The pilot was overconfident
  • The air traffic controller was responsible as he didn’t stop the pilot from going upward
  • Captain didn’t follow the procedure
  • The Captain should have stopped the plane as it touched the ground but the pilot didn’t stop it and gained height
  • The plane was fit for takeoff and the landing gears were working properly
  • Pakistan International Airlines and the Civil Aviation Authority are both responsible for this

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