PM Imran Khan on ARY exclusive with Arshad Sharif

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Islamabad: Hon’ble PM Imran Khan is giving an exclusive interview to Arshad Sharif on ARY. He is telling some important things to the nation in the interview and exposing the opposition.

PM Imran Khan Arshad Sharif ARY


PM Imran Khan with Arshad Sharif:

These are some of the important discussions of PM Khan with Arshad Sharif

  • Pakistan desperately needs a strong Army and our army is very song
  • The opposition spread propaganda to de-notify the army chief, I can’t even think, this is the part of PMLN disinfo
  • I will never speak against the army
  • Why do foreign diplomats meet politicians? Prime Minister Imran Khan
  • I have consulted legal experts. We will take this conspiracy to the Supreme Court
  • On distrust, I will say that I am a competitive man and know how to fight till the last ball
  • The best foreign policy in history has been in my three years
  • Gen Faiz was very experienced in security, hence I told Army to keep him till November, that’s all
  • The Opposition sent me the message through the Establishment. they told me you have 3 options, go for election, face the no-confidence motion or give resignation
  • No clash between me and the COAS
  • I support a free Pakistani, free foreign policy, a free Pakistan, free ruler. I will not allow the ruler to make me a slave
  • In this letter, the government, and especially my name is that Imran Khan has to change
  • God is the giver of honor, death, and power and He is the receiver, so I don’t care
  • My life is under threat but I will not back down & sit quietly
  • I have all the intelligence reports, which politicians, anchors, and journalists went to which embassy
  • They were in constant contact with all of them. I knew this conspiracy. I told my cabinet why this winter is important to us
  • I said I can never think of resigning, I will fight till the last ball
  • It is now clear that there was a conspiracy from abroad. I want to see with the whole nation who are these shameless people who will trade their conscience on Voting Day
  • I want to show the nation the shapes of all these Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq
  • I did not come into politics to make personal interests, money, or ideas in politics. Allah gave me everything. Fame and honor came in everything only for the ideology of Pakistan


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