Politico: Iran negotiating with China, Russia to replenish missile fuel supply

Russia and China are in “advanced secret talks” with Iran to supply the country with ammonium perchlorate, a chemical used to propel missiles, Politico reported on April 12.

Supplying Iran with ammonium perchlorate would allow the country to circumvent sanctions imposed by the United Nations, Politico wrote.

According to anonymous diplomats cited by Politico, the amount of fuel Iran is looking to acquire is unclear, but they estimate that it is enough for “thousands” of rockets.

Some of the rockets could be used to attack Ukraine if the deal goes through, the diplomats added.

Iran has been supplying Russia with kamikaze drones that are used along with missiles, guided aerial bombs, and other weapons to launch attacks against Ukraine. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian acknowledged for the first time on Nov. 5 that his country had supplied Russia with the drones.

How Russia uses Iranian drones to try to overwhelm Ukraine’s air defense

Russia’s been shelling civilian housing and infrastructure since the war escalated on Feb. 24 and has a body count in the thousands to show for it. But recently, Moscow prioritized attacking power plants throughout Ukraine, damaging more than a third with big missile and loitering munition attacks.…

Kyiv IndependentIgor Kossov

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