President Arif Alvi calls on India to take action against BJP leaders

President Arif Alvi calls on India to take action against BJP leaders

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President Arif Alvi has demanded action from India against those responsible for blasphemy against the Holy Prophet. The BJP leaders were involved in blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

President Arif Alvi condemned the brutal use of force against peaceful Muslim protesters in India and said that the brutal and disproportionate use of force against protesters was unfair and reprehensible. He said that the relentless and state-sponsored violence against Muslims by various Hindutva groups was a reflection of the growing trend of Islamophobia and extremism in India.

He said that India should abandon its Hindutva policies and stop targeting minorities and hurting their religious sentiments. Arif Alvi said that India should stop the increasing incidents of violence and hatred against its minorities, especially Muslims.


The President demanded from India to take action against those responsible for making insulting statements and insulting the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The President said that India should also take immediate steps to protect minorities from human rights violations and allow them to practice their faith in peace. He added that the international community should take immediate notice of the deteriorating situation of Islamophobia in India.

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