Protest at Karachi Press Club on Justice for Nazim Jokhio

Justice for Nazim Jokhio: Protest at Karachi Press Club

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Karachi: People are gathering today at Karachi Press Club this afternoon at 4 to raise their voices against the mockery of justice in Nazim Jokhio’s murder case. Justice for Nazim Jokhio is trending on Twitter by the people demanding justice. Banners are placed all over Karachi including teen talwar Clifton near Bilawal House.




Justice for Nazim Jokhio

Member of the National Assembly Jam Karim and Member of the Provincial Assembly Jam Awais from the PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) are the killers of the Nazim Jokhio. They have forced her widow to get the case and FIR back, everyone pressurized her and forced her to remain silent or face the consequences. Nazim’s family has alleged that PPP leaders and their henchmen tortured him to death as he filmed their guests hunting the animal.



People are in anger and it’s natural because the killers were appreciated by the PPP and Bilawal Bhutto. On the other hand, PPP lawmakers removed the names of PPP MPs, along with six others from challan.


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