PTA Says: Risk of cyber attacks increased in the name of corona virus

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PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has warned that the Coronavirus is at risk of cyberattacks.


PTA Statement:

Ever since the global outbreak has spread across the world, many false information and rumors have been circulating about it on social media, while taking advantage of the situation arising out of it, getting their personal information from consumers. They are trying to harm them.

The PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has also issued several important instructions to the citizens to avoid these attacks and warned against messages sent in the name of Corona.

According to the PTA, online crime makers are trying to exploit the epidemic, with hackers doing it to gain financial benefits.

According to PTA officials, there is a risk of cyber attacks in the name of the Coronavirus, so avoid using open Wifi in public places.

Authorities directed that sensitive information, passwords, or credit card information be avoided online, while Internet service providers should also be wary of cyberattacks by Corona’s name.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has warned that downloading files associated with emails could cause the system to be hacked so keep your software varia application updated and downloaded from trusted links and licensed websites.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, rely on official information for Corona information.


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