PTI Lahore Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan: Imran Khan Speech

Imran Khan Speech: PTI Lahore Jalsa at Minar e Pakistan

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PTI Lahore Jalsa: Imran Khan is currently at the Shaukat Khanum fundraising event and will be leaving for Lahore Jalsa in a few minutes. PTI is holding a big jalsa today at Minar e Pakistan where PTI Chairman Imran Khan will announce future plans and some big decisions to be expected. As per Fawad Chaudhry, the internet service has been blocked in Lahore, and the incident reported internet blockage from the stage.


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PTI Lahore Jalsa Minar e Pakistan Imran Khan Speech


The Jalsa is massive already, Khan Sahab has not reached the Jalsa gaah and people are still reaching there. Ali Khan and Murad Saeed are speaking to the people at the Jalsa Gah. Hammad Azhar also talked with the audience.


PTI lahore jalsa minar e pakistan imran khan


PTI lahore jalsa minar e pakistan imran khan


PTI lahore jalsa minar e pakistan imran khan


Jalsa Update: Roads leading to the venue are closed due to containers, but people are parking their vehicles and bikes before obstacles to reach the venue on foot. Today’s meeting will be historic. All the surrounding streets will be full of people, says Dr. Arsalan Khalid.



Dr. Yasmin Rashid was speaking with the crowd as people are still coming in large numbers.

During the Coverage of PTI’s Lahore ARY broadcasts in Lahore, Mansehra, Gujranwala, Multan, Jhang, Daska, and Zafarwal were shut down on the cable. ARY has facing blackouts in various cities of Pakistan.

Imran Khan Speech

  • Whoever has made a mistake, the only way to correct the mistake … hold an immediate election!

  • I will never accept this imported government, I just want one thing, a quick election!
  • I want my people to get ready from today itself. I’ll call you in Islamabad! This is my country, I don’t want any kind of violence.
  • Today I have come to liberate my nation, I have come to take a vow that we must not bow down to anyone.
  • Shahbaz Sharif, you are a beggar, this is a country of 22crore who will never bow!
  • I ask their people what ability do they have other than stealing that only their children can come forward?
  • I challenge to hear foreign funding cases of other parties too, so the Nation understands who’s clean!
  • We will accept only one commission, an open hearing in the Supreme Court so that the nation knows how big a conspiracy has taken place.
  • I’ll keep fighting against this system of injustice and corruption!
  • Shahbaz Sharif and his sons have forty billion cases of corruption and he has been made the Prime Minister of this country.

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